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  • NZ company scoops international packaging award

    Last Updated: 15.07.13 by Alicia

    New Zealand company Coffee Supreme scooped an international award for their quirky range of takeaway coffee cups designed by Auckland creative agency Hardhat Design.


  • “Awesome” export story wins Industry Development prize

    Last Updated: 02.07.13 by Alicia

    An “awesome” story of print and packaging innovation has helped Pizza Hut get its pizzas delivered hot and ready for eating in 16 countries, and jointly won the Industry Development Category at Pride In Print for Impressions International Ltd of Auckland.


  • Book takes photography to a new level

    Last Updated: 23.05.13 by Alicia

    Photography is taken to a new height in the book that has won the Publications Category of the Pride In Print Awards, and also the Sheetfed Process Award.


Who is PrintNZ?

PrintNZ is the printing industry trade association which provides a collective voice and promotes cohesion within the printing industry.

Click here to find out more about PrintNZ and the Print: Part of Life campaign.

About Print: Part of Life

The Print: Part of Life campaign aims to remind consumers of print’s irreplaceable role in their lives and inform them of what print can offer. There are a lot of common misconceptions about the printing industry so we want to present people with the facts about print so they can be fully informed when making sustainable choices. For business people, particularly those who work in marketing, we want to reinforce the many benefits that print offers them as part of the marketing mix.

The campaign aims to inform consumers and print buyers (marketing professionals and advertising agencies) about the benefits of using print. It also provides information and a united voice for the printing industry.

Print is a cornerstone of everyday life and has been for hundreds of years. It’s the morning newspaper, your child’s favourite book, a school textbook, the packaging your cereal comes in, a treasured family photo. You can touch print, smell print – print is real.

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Another great thing about print is its permanence. You can keep a book forever and lend it out to dozens of friends. Or give someone a magazine you’ve finished with or cut out a newspaper article to keep for posterity. No other medium is treasured like print is.

From a marketer’s point of view, print is just as effective today as it’s always been. Because consumers trust print it’s a great place to start a dialogue, for example with a newspaper ad or a billboard, that continues the communication by driving customers to a website for more information.

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