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  • What’s the Print: Part of Life campaign trying to do?

      The aim of this campaign is to remind consumers of print’s irreplaceable role in their lives and inform them of what print can offer. There are a lot of common misconceptions about the printing industry so we also want to present people with the facts about print so they can be fully informed when making sustainable choices. For business people, particularly those who work in marketing, we want to reinforce the many benefits that print offers them as part of the marketing mix.

  • Who is the campaign targeting?

      The campaign is to educate both the general consumers and print buyers (marketing professionals and advertising agencies) about the benefits of using print. It is also to provide information and a united voice for the printing industry.

  • How is print part of life?

      Print is a vital part of all our lives and has been for hundreds of years. It’s the morning newspaper, your child’s favourite book, a school textbook, the packaging your cereal comes in, a treasured family photo. You can touch print, smell print – print is real.

  • How do I get more information about print?

      There are lots of useful sites out there with information about print. Please click here for a list of useful links.

  • What is a Print Champion?

      Print Champions are organisations and individuals who believe in a strong vibrant print industry in New Zealand and who actively support the Print: Part of Life campaign.

  • How can I get involved?

      Anyone who works with or uses print can get involved in the campaign by signing up as a Print Champion. For further details, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You can also help by incorporating print into your next campaign and promoting to clients and stakeholders the role print plays in our lives while posing minimal impact on the environment. If you’re a consumer, you can get involved by making sure you recycle paper and using the site and resources provided to find out more about printing processes so you can make more environmentally friendly choices.

  • What innovations are there in the printing industry?

      On-going technology advances together with innovative thinking provide our clients with a broad range of communication options. For example, advances in digital printing and the use of personalisation mean you can communicate different messages to each person in your target audience as part of an effective marketing campaign.

  • What is the printing industry doing to be more environmentally friendly?

      Over the last 20 years the printing industry has reduced its carbon footprint by 97% - a huge achievement that is matched by very few other industries. Click here to find out more. Printing processes have improved significantly in recent years with more and more paper being sourced from sustainably managed forests, an increase in vegetable based inks and the ability to recycle paper several times.

  • Who’s behind the campaign?

      PrintNZ has developed and launched the Print: Part of Life campaign with the support of the printing industry.

  • Who is PrintNZ?

      PrintNZ is the printing industry trade association, which provides a collective voice and promotes cohesion within the printing industry. PrintNZ has almost 700 members across the country covering all aspects of the print supply chain.

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