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Print plays a big part in our lives

Print is an important part of our lives. Every time you relax with a newspaper, smile at a family snapshot or read a label on a product, you’re engaging with print.

This site is all about print. People who already work with print like designers, advertisers and marketers know that print is a great medium to work with and delivers the results they’re looking for.

Naturally, being advocates of print means we love all things printed. Not just because it’s what we do, but because of print’s history, its diversity, its relevance today and the way that people everywhere enjoy print in their day to day lives without really thinking about it.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about print – its uses, the people that make it, plus information about how environmentally sustainable print is and how print is part of life.

If you would rather read this information in printed form, click here and we will send you a Print: Part of Life pack.


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